EZ Street

Road rollers working on the construction site — construction work in Casper, WY
EZ STREET cold asphalt is an intuitive and versatile solution to asphalt repairs. It is polymer-modified, high performance cold asphalt that can be used for several types of repair projects, including pothole patching, overlays, edge repairs, and utility cuts in various pavement applications. Whether it's concrete or asphalt, EZ STREET cold asphalt provides maximum performance with minimal effort by combining the convenience of traditional cold mix asphalt with the permanence of traditional hot mix asphalt. EZ STREET cold asphalt is made from only the highest quality components to ensure maximum performance in virtually any weather condition.

Key Benefits of Cold Asphalt

The benefits of EZ STREET cold mix are rooted in the unique formulation of the product, which provides the "best of both worlds" from both traditional cold mix and hot mix asphalts. EZ STREET cold mix is easy to use at any time of the year and in any weather condition, including situations where water is present. EZ STREET cold mix comes ready to use, and as soon as it is applied it is ready for traffic, all with the guarantee of providing a permanent repair. EZ STREET cold mix can also be stockpiled, ensuring that extra materials can be saved for the next repair job, effectively reducing wasted materials.

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